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"The Prettiest Little Park This Side Of Heaven"

6954 Buck Creek Road---Marion, NC  28752
  Phone: 828-724-9013

Toll Free: 877-724-9013
   Owners: Ron and Becky Johnston


RV Campground

Open April - November

Hooray! Spring is here! Camping season has begun! Come join us!

Attractive....Clean....Well Kept Facilities!
Lots Of Brightly Colored Flowers and Trimmed Lawns!
(White gravel road and pads--no mud after rain)

Beautiful Buck Creek Winds Around the Campground

Most Sites Are Right on the Stream Bank.

You Can Throw a Line in the Water Right From Your Campsite.



Your pets are welcome -  but we do expect you to be responsible owners 


Sorry, RVs only - no tent sites


We are small and have limited parking space. There is room for one RV and one tow or towed vehicle per site. There may not be parking space available for additional vehicles!

Some things you should know about Mountain Stream RV Park

The Park is at about 1800' elevation in the Pisgah National Forest, nestled in a narrow valley surrounded by mountains on all sides. Beautiful Buck Creek flows through this valley and along two sides of the campground. The Blue Ridge Parkway is only about 3 miles away, but it's 5 miles by road.

We are surrounded by gorgeous mountain scenery. You can take in many of the interesting attractions that are only a short drive away or you can just relax by the stream and listen to the cold clear water flowing over the rocky stream bed. And speaking of the stream, there's trout in that thar' water.

Our location in the mountains also means that there is no cell phone service here but we do have free Wi-Fi and cable TV throughout the park. Our mountain location also means that there aren't many straight stretches of road in the area. The last 5 miles of NC 80 coming up to the campground from Marion is curvy (but not very steep). Don't let this discourage you, many of our campers come in 40' (some in 45') motor homes towing another vehicle without any problems. But please drive carefully.

We do NOT recommend coming down NC 80 from the Blue Ridge Parkway in a motor home or towing a camper. The scenery is beautiful, but the road is quite steep with sharp curves and some switchbacks. A few have come this way with their RV, but usually don't do it a second time.


Note on Wi-Fi

While we do have Wi-Fi, it is not unlimited. The only option for Wi-Fi up here in the mountains is satellite. And with satellite, there is a limit on how much bandwidth can be used. The contract we have with the satellite provider is for the largest monthly allowance they offer to a business account (there are "enterprise" packages that offer more, but at a cost of several thousand dollars a month).

What we have is sufficient to provide access to email and normal web browsing for our campers. However, it is not sufficient for things like large downloads of music, pictures or movies, streaming videos on youTube, online games, or watching movies or TV online. Sorry, you'll need to do those things at home. One other thing that uses large amounts of bandwidth occurs with mobile devices - smart phones and many tablets. Most of these are set up by default to automatically download apps, update apps, sync email accounts  and iTunes libraries when they are connected wirelessly. They does this in the background, so you don't even realize it is happening. We will ask you to turn off this feature (in set up) on your device as it can use 200 Mb or more in a short period of time.

We have a service that monitors our Wi-Fi usage 24 hours a day. They monitor only the amount of usage, not how it is being used. The purpose of this is to prevent everyone from losing internet access just because someone used up all the bandwidth allowance. Average usage is about 40-50 Mb a day. If someone's daily usage gets up around 150 Mb, their internet speed is slowed down signifgicantly. If the high usage continues, they will be cut off around 200 Mb. We're sorry to have to do this, but it's the only way we can ensure internet access for everyone.


Free cable TV - 48 channels

Free Wi-Fi throughout the park. Check your email right in your RV.

Trailer Life Rating 6.5/10*/10







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